11 January 2012 ~ Comments Off on WordPress – The First 5 Steps

WordPress – The First 5 Steps

We’re going to start configuring and optimizing WordPress. Today we’ll knock out the first 5 steps to setting up our WordPress blog. Don’t feel like you need to follow along with all the steps or even do them at the same time as I do. This information isn’t going anywhere. Once I’m done with the first 25-50 steps I’ll put them all together in one big article that you can go forward and backwards through.

These steps are pretty basic, but in an effort to be thorough I’ll be including the simplest things:

#1 Write your first post

Before you do anything else please write your first post. If you’re not going to create quality content then don’t waste your time configuring and making your WordPress website look good. Write something, share it and then optimize your website.

#2 Remove the default junk posts and pages.

By default WordPress creates a Sample Post and a Sampe Page. You can delete these by going to Posts and Pages on the left and deleting the sampels.

#3 Enable Permalinks

Enable permalinks so that your URLs look like this: http://www.jamosmith.com/wordpress-the-first-5-steps/ instead of like this: http://www.jamosmith.com/?p=123

#Pick, install and configure a theme

Picking a theme can be a huge time sink. Your theme really defines your site, though; so it’s probably worth it. Don’t spend too much time at first picking and customizing a theme. I just picked one of the top 10 for now and I will either customize it in the future or pick a whole new theme later. Eventually you’ll want some sort of banner but I would also not encourage you to do that until you’ve added some content and you’re sure you’re commited to being a webmaster.

You can find free and paid themes via google or you can go to: http://www.wordpress.org/extend/themesto find the most popular and new themes straight from WordPress (these are all free).

#5 Clean up Widgets and polish the initial look of your site.

Remove the Widgets from the sidebar that you don’t want to see. By default you might see things like links to other sites, recent comments and/or categories and archives. You may or may not want this stuff in your sidebar. Remove what you don’t like to clean it up and personalize it.

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