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Protected: Personal Finance

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17 October 2013 ~ 1 Comment

How Obamacare Ruins Health Insurance

Let’s start with some terminology about health insurance so that we are on the same page. Similar to automobile insurance, which covers you and your vehicle in an accident as well as anyone you harm in an accident, health insurance should insure you in the case that something catastrophic happens. Let’s imagine that I get cancer […]

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Protected: Your Fucking Relationship is Important

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26 June 2013 ~ 1 Comment

LoL – How Important Are Levels?

Recently, I’ve emphasized the importance of levels while playing League of Legends. “I can take him, I’ve got 2 levels on him” but I’ve been met with remarks like, “levels aren’t that important” or just a general sense of disregard for the importance of levels. Am I over emphasizing them? Let’s find out…

26 March 2013 ~ 1 Comment

Those Greedy Capitalists!

Greedy Labor!

“Those greedy capitalists!” has been used as a battle cry by useless political pundits like Michael Moore for years. First off, putting greedy as an adjective before the noun capitalist is a bit redundant. Straight from the Holy Wiki we find a descriptive definition of Capitalist: “Capitalism is an economic system based on the private […]

09 March 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Voting for Your Boss

Peasants Begging

Imagine a world where you can fire your boss if he doesn’t pay you enough. If you don’t like your pay or benefits, just get together with your fellow coworkers and vote for higher pay. Start with a petition, get some signatures and if your boss doesn’t comply, fire his ass and elect a new […]

14 January 2013 ~ 0 Comments

The Wrong Solution to the Right Problem

I'm from the government, I'm here to help

Today Upper Michigan Source posted a poll asking readers “Should employers be required to grant part-time workers paid sick days?” The result of the poll showed a majority of people answering “yes.” So what’s the problem with this, why would anyone possibly vote no? It seems like a great idea for employers to offer paid sick days to workers […]

04 December 2012 ~ 0 Comments

The Ambiguous Descriptor

Oh, I offended you with my opinion?

When two or more  people try to discuss something, regardless of their native languages, they run into language problems. The biggest language problem I’ve observed, and the one I’m going to discuss here, is what I call the ambiguous descriptor. There are at least two major forms of descriptors used in regular communication: the noun […]

21 September 2012 ~ 1 Comment

The Benevolence of Politicians

Dagny Taggart

You don’t hear a lot about the benevolence of politicians. Hell, you’re much more likely to run into slander and hate speech in regards to incumbents and presidential nominees. President Obama is a Socialist and hates America while Romney is a Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters. This world view, that politicians basically suck […]

18 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Education is Free, College is Not

Education should not be a debt sentence.

Today’s “progressive” nonsense: ^ as seen on facebook (The Other 98%) This wanna-be student is holding up a sign complaining about how education costs money that they don’t already have. It doesn’t actually cost money, it’s the college that cost money and their prices go up the more money there is to chase those services. As […]